What people are saying about Holly as a business expert

"This was worth every dollar (and more). It was a real deep dive into who I am and how I work which I think HAS to be done by someone else because when you try and look at yourself there's all this mind trash in the way. Holly explained things in a really supportive, clear and engaging way which was especially helpful for me being very new to this sort of work. Thank you so much, Holly! Highly recommend to anyone who hasn't had this done and is considering it. I am already approaching my life and my business in a new way!"

April Smith

"Working with Holly in multiple capacities was incredible. While some might get triggered, I found her transparency coming from a place of love was so refreshing... and that is exactly who she is at her core. Holly is truly magic for your business, and if I walked away with just 10% of what her guidance has provided me, I would have been happy. Holly creates her business and space out of love and alignment, and I believe it transpires into all of her clients in one way or another."


Ariel Smith

"Holly is incredibly generous with her time, energy, and mindset. In just one call together, she was able to help me shift my sales and marketing mindset from desperately needing conversions to being confident in the value that I offer. She showed me how to resist the urge to be a people-pleasing problem-solver and simply let my authentic self shine through in every area of my business, including sales. I'm so glad to have met Holly and cherish all of her insights."


Nicole Starbuck

"I have had the privilege to get to know Holly Maree from two different programs that I have signed up for. During the two months as I learned to lean into to use the spiritual tools Holly provided I found my income increasing, becoming more aligned and in tune with my ideal client, creativity was flowing and I was inspired to create new offerings along with slowing up in this beautiful feminine flow with a powerful voice of authority. No longer am I struggling to sign clients or feel forced or awkward in how I show up to my audience and clients.  My soul’s purpose was more fully revealed through this work and I am forever grateful.  The 1:1 work with Holly is especially fun & inspiring with TONS of takeaways. Holly is masterful at helping her clients make spirituality and soul’s purpose the foundation of their business instead of add on – starting with a rock solid spiritual purpose holds the space for amazing and powerful transformation.  Holly is a lightworker, a goddess, and a businesswoman who has BEEN THERE DONE THAT – by sharing her experience along with her tools you will find yourself inspired, transforming, and like WHOA – this is AMAZING!!! Don’t wait – Holly’s courses are inspiring, fun filled, and well taught."


Anna Morgan

"When I signed up for coaching with Holly, I was hoping to achieve some clarification to my life purpose but I did not anticipate the incredible transformation that would take place for me both on an emotional and spiritual level as well as finding clarity in my business. Holly holds space to emotionally dig deep to heal issues in such a gentle and nurturing way as well as being a confident coach who is very insightful, empathetic and not afraid to ask the questions that will lead the way. It was incredibly helpful to have someone on my side to deal with the insecurities and to work through mind blocks so that I could achieve such important personal growth that has enabled me to become the confident and creative professional I am today. Coaching with Holly was honestly the best investment I have made into myself and my business and would thoroughly recommend Holly’s services."


Anna Jamina

"Holly is one of the most genuine & authentic people that I have ever had the pleasure of connecting with. If you are on the fence about working with her, I cannot encourage you enough - JUST DO IT! Holly has this amazing gift of connecting the dots & getting to the very heart of your vision & purpose. If you want to dive into entrepreneurship but you’re lost in a sea of ideas, you need to work with Holly! When I first started with Holly I had a vague idea for my “business” (if you could even call it that!) & a swarm of disjointed ideas. I was lost & felt like I would be stuck in the “planning” phase forever. After only a few conversations, Holly understood me & my vision better than I did! She helped everything click into place & I haven’t looked back since. Seriously, Holly is a godsend & if you have the chance to work with her I can’t recommend it enough!"


Kiera Judd

"I don't even know where to begin with how life changing working with Holly as my coach has been. It has literally been the most life changing experience in my online business journey so far. From working with her 1:1 when I was going through the hardest time in my life and business, to now working with her in an amazing spiritually transforming group program.The breakthroughs have been unreal. I have been able to release so many painful inner blocks that have been holding me back from my true soul purpose in business for so soooo long. And the best part, I have been able to discover what my true soul purpose and calling in this world is AND learned how to tap into my voice powerfully with confidence and authority from the most aligned place EVER. Holly is literally the best thing that has ever happened to my life and business."


Jenna Grabkowski

"Working with Holly has changed my life. And that’s not an exaggeration, it’s just the truth. Not only have I been able to tune into my intuition more, set a spiritual foundation for my business, and create content in a way that energizes me, but I’ve been able to feel ease and joy and alignment throughout it all! Holly has an amazing gift to hold space for all of her clients. I felt so heard and understood during every session, and her joy and enthusiasm is so contagious. She believes in you and makes sure you believe in yourself too!! She combines the Spiritual and Business worlds, into one beautiful cohesive package that makes it easy to understand and apply. I have learned so much about business strategy, and doing it in a way that is organic and in alignment with my soul and my purpose. I’m constantly blown away by her knowledge on all things spiritual. She has given me so many tools and practices to use, all of which are PRICELESS! I truly can’t say enough wonderful things about Holly. I’m forever grateful for her, and the ways she is changing my life!!"


Emily Clarke

"Holly is such a beautiful and grounding soul. She has a gift of making you feel safe and helping you draw upon the magic within you. She single handily helped me scrap my old business model and guided me back to my inner power. She helped me gain clarity in what I'm here for and my purpose,  that led me to tap into my creative urges and a whole new business suite was born. Not only did she help me in the realm of business but she was supporting me through my personal healing journey as well. Working with her has been life changing and I cannot wait to be working with her again in the future. I am so grateful that we've crossed paths. I have never worked with anyone who innately understands manifestors the way Holly does. I felt seen, held, and understood at such a deep level, it was absolutely mind blowing. If you're a manifestor and need support in embodying your next level, Holly is your woman!"


Chantelle Leung

What people are saying about Holly as a Human Design teacher

"I had no idea what an experience I would be in for when I signed up for the VIP day I just knew I had to do it. It was amazing to be around others who were similar to me and to learn about being a Manifestor from Holly. The healing, knowledge, and activation were life changing and the new connections I made were truly priceless. I would 100% attend another in person event with Holly and I am always looking for new products from Holly.


Kimberly McDermott

"My experience with Holly has been truly life changing. It has shifted my perspective so much, and I now understand myself more than I have before!! And to me, more self love and acceptance is invaluable! My session with her also gave me the tools to make decisions and trust in those decisions, because now I know what to listen and feel for and can trust those signals. Overall it was empowering, soul-resonating, and worth so much more than I paid for!!"

Natasha Higgins

"Working with Holly 1x1 was the best! She has such an expansive wealth of knowledge and it was completely at my fingertips! Holly's so great at making it all digestable and actionable too. I felt so seen and listened to and so so validated. I've had multiple HD readings in the past but this mentorship went so deep and truly blew me out of the water. I feel like I know and understand myself on a whole other level!"


Ryan Blanton

"The Holly Maree products are just what I had been waiting for, for quite a bit. After learning about HD I was frustrated to not have an actionable guide as a Manifestor, and then I found Holly’s masterclasses. Finally someone who spoke specifically for me, in details and made me feel properly understood. And not the I’m all done being me and I’m all aligned Manifestor stuff, but the down to earth let’s get you to be the version of you details. I still go back regularly to get more information and see new insights that I had missed every time. Couldn’t recommend it enough.


Marjorie Vigneron

"Holly Maree is my go to source on all things Human Design. I really struggled with it when I was first introduced to it. The sources I came across made it seem overwhelming and bleak. Holly makes Human Design approachable, actionable and fun. After engaging with her content I want to learn more, and it’s given me a profound appreciation not only for my unique design but also the design of others."


Christine Lafontant 

"Holly's reading of me was spot on! I'm someone who is open to new experiences, but I need some "proof" that they are valuable, useful. I was BLOWN AWAY by the accuracy of Holly's reading. I just had it done this week and already feel the truths working in my self-experience. I want to get this done for my friends and family. Invaluable!"


Samantha Hickory

"I love the way Holly teaches us Manifestors about ourselves, from a deep and personal understanding. With every piece of the Mani puzzle I receive from Holly's teachings, I create a clearer picture and a stronger connection to who I am."


Jane Connors

"My session was seriously one of the most powerful and impactful things I've ever done for myself. Things that I"ve struggled with in my life - not conforming with society, being different, not seeing/hearing/feeling things that way that everyone else does - all became so clear and made so much sense as to WHY. To learn that aspects of myself - such as my FEARS - are actually not my weaknesses but instead my STRENGTHS - is life changing. I highly recommend this session to anyone and everyone."


Emilia Rose

"I so appreciate the hard hitting but gentle truths that The Holly Maree delivers! Listening to not only the podcast, but soaking in the messages shared on Instagram, feels like a coming home. A realization that I am capable of changing the world, through my Manifestor way of being. I have felt more encouraged, supported, and motivated to live into my true Manifestor self without feeling shame or wanting to hide. Bonus? Meeting other incredible Manifestors inside the IG community created in the comment section."


Naomi Hattaway